Small Business Spotlight: Lehigh Valley Kombucha

By Stephanie Eckelkamp


Did you know that good old Emmaus, Pa, is home to its very own organic kombucha brewery? If not, consider your life changed. Lehigh Valley Kombucha is one of those unexpected local gems that makes living here so damn cool.  

In the video above, Gary Warren—Lehigh Valley Kombucha’s owner, head brewer, and operator—talks about how he’s gone from making kombucha in his cramped apartment to brewing 40+ gallons per week in the industrial kitchen of an old elementary school. 

For the kombucha newbies, Gary also explains exactly how this fizzy fermented tea is made and some of the awesome health perks of drinking it (Spoiler: PROBIOTICS!). Also appearing in the video are brewers Forest Quay and Nick Bailey who help Gary keep up with increasing demands.

How to order: Every week on Lehigh Valley Kombucha’s Facebook page, Gary posts the week’s flavors. Simply place your order as a comment, then pick up at their Emmaus location between 12 PM and 2 PM on Sunday. Current flavors include plain, blackberry, blueberry, pineapple-ginger, mango, and peach.