What's Inside: Sato Salon Organics Rose Facial Scrub



More and more research continues to pour in supporting what so many natural health experts have been saying for decades: the toxins and chemicals that we are exposed to on a daily basis can and do impact our health. If you're thinking about reducing your toxic load, look no further than your personal care routine. Lucky for us LV dwellers, Sato Salon Organics in Allentown both sells and creates clean beauty products everyone can enjoy.

In the year or so we've been frequenting this clean beauty oasis, we've come to love and live by their homemade, small-batch scrubs. There's only one way to describe the ingredient list in this Rose Facial Scrub: small, yet mighty. Just the way we like it.

Here's Allison Holub, owner and recipe developer, on the ingredients, the benefits, and the beautifully simple process.