A Quick, Do-Anywhere Stress Buster That Actually Works


I try to keep the plates spinning. I aim to operate with an extremely high level of tact, especially in hairy situations. I've done emotional intelligence research, attended conflict resolution training, and taken to reminding myself on a weekly basis to focus on the process, not the result. 

And yet, I melt down. Or blow up. Or sometimes a troubling combination of both that somehow doesn't send my fiancé running for the hills. It's human. I'M human. And if you are, too, I'm betting you can relate.

Lenore Stine, LPC from Lehigh Valley Counseling, LLC offers an active meditation exercise for her patients who need ways to keep stress and anxiety in check at a moment's notice—which, let's be honest, is all of us.

Active meditation (sometimes known as dynamic meditation) is a form of meditation that involves physical movement. If you've ever felt your anxiety about to bubble up and over, you can understand the need to calm both the mind and the body. By moving your attention away from the issue at hand and toward your movement, you can do both—and quick. Breathing and moving in tandem allows a double-dose of calm to wash over you, leaving you refreshed and cooled off in a minute or less.

Check out Stine's technique below, which you can repeat as many times a day as you need.

Have a sure-fire stress buster up your sleeve? Share it with us in the comments!