Get to Know LWLV: Meet the Founders, Check Out Our Mission

By The Co-Founders


Thanks for stopping by the LV's brand-new wellness hub. 
We think you're going to love it!

Our mission: Connect our community with undiscovered and underrated resources that cultivate healthy bodies and healthy minds. The Lehigh Valley is chock-full of really cool sh*t, and we want to tell you all about it! We plan on doing this by highlighting local businesses, restaurants, entrepreneurs, and events that keep wellness and sustainability top of mind—and that make you think, How cool is it that I live here?! Our content is for green juicing health nuts, natural health newbies, and everyone in between. Because living well is for all of us, and it doesn't have to feel like work. 

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Steph Eckelkamp

Steph is LWLV's resident nutrition nerd (although, she's been known to cry tears of joy while eating an Emmaus Bakery apple fritter). She's also a grad of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and is certified as a holistic health coach. By day, she's a nutrition editor at Prevention magazine and mom to Milo, the cutest pup in all the Lehigh Valley. By night, you can probably find her in the kitchen eating organic chunky peanut butter straight out of the jar, or tossing random sh*t into a cast iron skillet and calling it dinner. 

Nina Elias

Nina is a Bethlehem-obsessed writer, singer, and Kate Spade addict in the thick of her lifelong journey toward good health and happiness. She’s passionate about clean beauty, DIY anything, and creating a toxin-free home. When she’s not researching natural deodorant, you can find her singing and dancing in local theater productions, ordering fermented veggies online, eating at Molinari’s with her fiancé, and serving as Moravian College’s content editor.

Siobhan DeRemer

Siobhan a self-described cocktail enthusiast, avid board game player, word nerd (she's a copy editor at Prevention magazine), and all-around seeker of fun and exciting events in and around the Lehigh Valley. Originally from Connecticut, she has been an Allentown resident for 10+ years and is always eager to chat about new restaurants, bars, and the occasional favorite yoga studio popping up in the area. Her favorite things in life are her cat Aurora, singing Broadway tunes, inspiring yoga classes, and building the occasional LEGO set.