How Barre Kicked My Booty (And I Loved It)

By Siobhan DeRemer

First off let me say (if you couldn't tell by my other stories here at LWLV), you are much more likely to find me at a bar than at barre class. Don't get me wrong, I do love a good exercise challenge and I've been known to dabble in various studio classes when I'm able, but my idea of an exciting time usually involves something shaken and served to me, not my whole body shaking from exhaustion. But when a barre3 class was organized at my day job, I jumped at the chance to participate. And from that point on, my life (and my quads) would never be the same.

A mix of yoga, Pilates, and energetic (and constant) motion, barre3 gets your heart moving and WAKES your legs the hell UP with the smallest of movements. I'm not a stranger to ballet conditioning classes (though it's been a while) and I'd like to think I'm a pretty flexible person, but my God this was a wake-up call. I realized I was working muscles I didn't even know existed and decided to show themselves through what barre3 instructors lovingly name "earthquakes." When I wasn't concerned about my leg seizures, I was dreadfully sad that I had forgotten water since I was thinking this class would just be a leisurely start to my afternoon. I was mistaken, but in the best way possible.

I did have to stop part way through many of the holds and movements to confirm I didn't have tachycardia, but it made me want it even more! And having the upbeat instructor's words in my ear were way more motivating than frustrating as time went on. I'd love to think we were at an advanced level, though something tells me that I was struggling with the beginners' class, but let me have my day, OK?! Either way, I am hungry for more, and once my legs stop me from using the stairs like a normal human, I'm totally down for a class at one of the studios in the Valley. Come join me (or, if you're a seasoned professional, maybe let me know when you're going so you don't need to be seen with me until I have a few classes under my belt...) and we can quake together and live up to the challenge!

barre3 Allentown

3900 Hamilton Blvd (across from Dorney Park)
Drop in/single class: $22 / New clients get 1 month unlimited for $99 or 3 classes for $40

Pure Barre Bethlehem

4773 Freemansburg Avenue (in the Shop Rite shopping center)
Drop in/single class: $23 / New clients get 1 month unlimited for $99